Armada Schools Project

Every year as part of the Celtic Fringe Festival we visit the local primary schools in order to foster awareness of the Armada of 1588 and its impact on the history and people of the North West.

The Armada sand boats building festival (12.06.2014)

Pupils of Scoil Naomh Molaise created wonderful sand galleons on Streedagh Beach. The aim of this activity was twofold. To raise awareness among the pupils of the story of the Armada and to promote Grange and Armada interpretive centre being planned for in the old courthouse.
A grid in the shape of the Armada crescent formation has been drawn in the sand. Pupils have been allocated a grid in which they built and decorated a model of any armada ship using sand, shells, flags, driftwood, flowers and other materials.
There was plenty of fun, laughter and happiness. 


Two years ago we concentrated on the Naval Battle at Gravelines and the children from all the schools submitted a wonderful array of pictures to our Art Competition for Primary Schools. These pieces of art were displayed during the festival and were the subject of much favourable comment and admiration.
Last year we are concentrating on the fantastic story of Captain Francisco De Cuellar who survived ship wreck on Streedagh Strand and later wrote a wonderful account of his adventures in Ireland. With the cooperation of the teachers we will visit each school to talk about the story of Captain De Cuellar.

Prize winners for Art competition 2012 are as follows-;

Grange N.S.          Joe Spelman
Cliffoney N.S.        Calum Orme
Carns N.S.            Mauric McSharry
Ballintrillick N.S.    Cian Pastor

Overall Winner
Castlegal N.S        Aaron McGowan 

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